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Happy Birthday to Piña Plamera
30 years !!!

Press release 8th May 2014 - Read the PDF here

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Being a volunteer in Piña Palmera


We are dreaming of a society, where EVERYBODY recognizes and respects differences !

Piña Palmera Centro de Atención Infantil, A.C. is a non-governmental organization (NGO), legally constituted without any political or religious interest, which has tackled since more than 30 years the issue disability of persons of any age from rural communities, its majority are indigenous people. We are working in the southern coast of Oaxaca with rehabilitation processes, social inclusion, information, education and awareness workshops. Our activities are addressed to people with disabilities (physical, intellectual or conductive, psycho-social, epilepsy, Down syndrome, hearing and visual impairments among others) of all ages and their families, without bearing in mind the grade of disability, ability to pay and/or ethnicity.

We consider that the work with disabled persons is not a matter of kindness, but of bringing their human rights to bear. The extreme poverty or various social problems complement the challenge of Piña. The central axis of our work is respect towards differences and the formation of an integrative society. The center’s efforts focus on changing the way local people regard people with disabilities, by promoting change of attitude and accessibility within the families, schools and local communities.

These programs teach people to use adaptive equipment and therapeutic techniques as well as to take care of people with disabilities. Thus children and adults with disabilities become more included into everyday life, both in their own family as well as in their community.

We are a Civil Association, legally constituted, with the right to receive deductible donations. Since our foundation, more than 5000 children and adults with different disabilities have participated in our programs. Currently 750 people participate in our programs.  (20% children, 35% youths, 10% elderly people…).

We are dreaming of a society, where EVERYBODY recognizes and respects differences.

We want to create a world where it is less difficult to love
(Paulo Freire, brasilian pedagogue)

If you want to know more, write to:

Flavia Anau
C.A.I. Piña Palmera A.C. Apartado Postal 109, 
C.P. 70900, Pochutla- Oaxaca, 


Telephone: (01) 958- 58 43147 and Fax: (01) 958 - 58 431 45


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